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You depend on your home to be a place of comfort, not somewhere that makes you sick. If your retreat leaves you really feeling unwell, you might be struggling with poor interior air quality. The professionals at Efficient Air are here to help! Get in touch with your local Efficient Air heating and cooling contractors at our Phoenix HVAC service company or call (623) 882-8390 to boost interior air quality in your house.
Mold and gunk can build up in the insulation and coil in or around your air conditioning unit. Talk to your heating and air conditioning experts at Efficient Air about the benefits of a UV light installation in your home. UV lights can improve indoor air quality, reduce mold and bacteria growth, diminish smells and odors, prevent clogged drains in air conditioning units, maintain cleaner coils, AND improve cooling efficiency and reduce electricity costs.

Clean your indoor air and improve your air quality. Oftentimes, we believe the air in our homes is cleaner than the air outside. Just like your car needs an oil change every so often, the same goes for the air quality in your home. Experiencing excess dust in your home may be a sign of poor indoor quality air. Speak to an Efficient Air technician today and find out if air scrubbers from our Phoenix HVAC service team are the right choice for your home.

Indoor air quality is affected by many factors, including; temperature, humidity, ventilation and chemical contaminants found within a building or your home. Electronic air cleaners are oftentimes described as ionizers or electronic air purifiers, these use electrically charged filters to minimize the variety of air-borne impurities in your house. As air travels through your heating and cooling system, the digital air cleaner catches big particles (such as dirt and dust) in a prefilter.

Whether you live in the Arizona desert or the cold mountains of Montana, you should be able to enjoy comfort in your home, regardless of the temperature outside. The heating and cooling contractors at our Phoenix HVAC service company help you accomplish the right temperature by installing a state of the art, high-efficiency thermostat. From highly advanced digital touch screens to basic programmable thermostats our experts can help you feel comfortable in your home again.

Not only is a smoke detector mandatory in your home. It can save your life and your family’s in a matter of seconds. Our heating and cooling contractors in Phoenix are happy to advise you on the best unit for your home and can advise you on a schedule to maintain and battery replacement. Change your batteries, not your life.

Improve your indoor air quality and save money. Contact Efficient Air heating and cooling today for all your UV light installation or replacement needs, air scrubbers, electronic cleaners, thermostat installs, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Keep your home safe and efficient with our Phoenix HVAC services.

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    Extra Steps We’re Taking with COVID-19
    Efficient Air remains open to serve our customers and those in our community. Our team is available to provide services as we always have been and prepared to work more as needed to ensure our customers are comfortable in their homes. We are taking extra precautionary steps, as the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority.

    We Want You to Be Ready for Summer!
    With the weather changing and the Arizona summer heat approaching, we want to make sure everyone has their system ready for summer. We want to get as many pre-season tune-ups done so we will have time when it does turn hot to be able to help people whose air conditioning system needs repair or replacement. This is why we are offering our current $34.95 Tune-Up special. Please call to schedule soon so we can be better prepared for the warm weather ahead.