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Phoenix Thermostat Installation Service


Do you feel like it’s too hot or too cold in your house? Trying to find the perfect temperature for the whole family to feel comfortable can be difficult. Efficient Air Heating and Cooling can provide high-quality thermostat installation service in your Phoenix home so everyone in your household can finally be comfortable.


Types of Thermostats

There are two main kinds of thermostats: line-voltage thermostat and a low-voltage thermostat. The line-voltage thermostat is used commonly for direct wire electric furnaces. The low-voltage thermostat is more commonly used for HVAC systems. Low-voltage thermostats are more easily able to have a high-level control of the temperature of a home and control of the electric current with the low voltage it has to offer.

The different types of thermostats include digital, programmable, and traditional thermostats. Efficient Air Heating & Cooling is available for thermostat installation services for your Phoenix home today. We have licensed technicians on our team who have been trained with the knowledge to answer questions you may have about heating and cooling.

Save Energy and Money

There are many benefits to our Phoenix thermostat installation service. Investing in an efficient thermostat allows you to save money by adjusting the thermostat to a specific temperature. Thermostats, also known as a room temperature controller, also increase your Phoenix home’s energy efficiency and lead to positive environmental impacts. A thermostat creates uniform temperatures in which you decide the best consistent temperature for the home.

Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease when installing a thermostat. Some frequent mistakes of thermostat placements include putting the thermostat too near an air vent or the thermostat is placed in direct sunlight. Some safer, convenient places for a thermostat are close to the center of the home in a hallway away from the sun and vents.

Ready for a thermostat installation in Phoenix that saves you money and increases energy efficiency? Our heating and cooling specialists at Efficient Air can assist you in providing an efficient thermostat into your home. From extremely advanced digital touch displays to basic programmable thermostats, our professionals can help homeowners feel comfortable in their home. Call Efficient Air Heating and Cooling today for award-winning service, straightforward prices, and 100% workmanship guaranteed work.

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    Efficient Air remains open to serve our customers and those in our community. Our team is available to provide services as we always have been and prepared to work more as needed to ensure our customers are comfortable in their homes. We are taking extra precautionary steps, as the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority.

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    With the weather changing and the Arizona summer heat approaching, we want to make sure everyone has their system ready for summer. We want to get as many pre-season tune-ups done so we will have time when it does turn hot to be able to help people whose air conditioning system needs repair or replacement. This is why we are offering our current $34.95 Tune-Up special. Please call to schedule soon so we can be better prepared for the warm weather ahead.