Mini-Split AC Systems in Phoenix


You can use the sun’s energy to power your mini split system! AC units powered by solar energy have become the latest innovation in home technology. In addition to being cost-effective, they also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as overall energy consumption. You can heat and cool your home more efficiently and affordably with a solar energy system. 

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    Experience Year-Round Silent Comfort

    The Mini Split AC system, our Phoenix company’s ductless air conditioning unit, is a type of heating and cooling system that allows you to control the temperature in different rooms or areas in your home. Heat pumps with mini-splits are great solutions for entire homes or new builds, as well as houses with “non-ducted” heating methods (hydronics), radiant panels, or space heaters (wood, kerosene, propane).

    Mini-split AC systems in Phoenix from Efficient Air are whisper quiet and come with remote controls. 

    This is one heating and cooling solution we recommend to keep your home comfortable, regardless of the weather and at a price that won’t break the bank.

    Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss more benefits to having a mini-split system!

    When it comes to cooling your home, Efficient Air is unbeatable.

    In the Greater Phoenix area, more than 2 thousand people have chosen Efficient Air as their source for reliable, affordable and effective home cooling.

    Tired of your fans just pushing air around?

    Let’s face it: in summer, even your garage can be too hot. Chill out with Efficient Air’s mini-split AC system in Phoenix! We’ll install a ductless air conditioning unit in your garage and turn it into a cool and comfortable space.

    How can your home benefit from Efficient Air’s Mini-Split System?

    • Energy Efficient: Mini-Split AC systems in Phoenix are way more cost effective and energy efficient than window AC units. They don’t require more complex ductwork.
    • You Have Complete Control: Keep each room in your home the temperature of your choosing with remote control and timing.
    • Complete Silence: Efficient Air’s technology is quiet. Our mini-split systems allow for a more quiet indoor environment.

    Stay “Beyond Cool” this summer.

    Learn More About the Extra Steps We’re Taking with COVID-19

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      Extra Steps We’re Taking with COVID-19
      Efficient Air remains open to serve our customers and those in our community. Our team is available to provide services as we always have been and prepared to work more as needed to ensure our customers are comfortable in their homes. We are taking extra precautionary steps, as the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority.

      We Want You to Be Ready for Summer!
      With the weather changing and the Arizona summer heat approaching, we want to make sure everyone has their system ready for summer. We want to get as many pre-season tune-ups done so we will have time when it does turn hot to be able to help people whose air conditioning system needs repair or replacement. This is why we are offering our current $34.95 Tune-Up special. Please call to schedule soon so we can be better prepared for the warm weather ahead.