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Phoenix HVAC UV Light Installation Service


What is a UV Light?

A UV light is an ultraviolet beam that creates short wavelengths of light. UV lights are commonly used for tanning and gardening but can also have great benefits when implemented into your heating and cooling system. Using HVAC UV lights for your Phoenix AC system is a way to efficiently sanitize your heating and air conditioning system to produce clean air. Our professionals at Efficient Air Heating and Cooling can perform HVAC UV light installations in Phoenix that are perfect for your system. Efficient Air is a trusted business as we have been serving as the experts in heating and cooling for 15 years and counting.


What are the Benefits of UV Lights?

  • Air-conditioner coil sanitation: UV lights can sanitize air conditioners coils by shining on the coils and preventing the growth of mold.
  • Reduce bacteria: Implementing UV lights is a great way to reduce bacteria and fungus which may grow within your system.
  • Increase the indoor air quality: UV lights promote indoor air quality by keeping your system clean.
  • Improve cooling efficiency: Keeping a heating and air conditioning unit clean through UV lights increases the cooling power of an HVAC system.
  • Prevention of microbial growth: The coils within an HVAC are in the cool dark parts of the system. This creates a place for microbes to grow. The UV light helps prevent the growth of harmful microbes.

Types of HVAC UV Lights:

  • Coil Sterilization: This UV light for heating and cooling systems is put inside of the air duct and sanitizes the coils. The coil sterilization light is price efficient and effective.
  • Air Sterilization: A HVAC UV light installation in your Phoenix home can help clean the air moving into your home. This type of light is also put in the air duct of the system.

Our HVAC UV lights for AC in Phoenix are low energy users which require little maintenance to maintain the air quality in a home. It’s important to change your UV light about once a year to obtain its maximum cleaning efficiency. The UV light has a lifetime of about 9000 hours. Let Efficient Air Heating and Cooling install a quality UV light to help the air conditioning in your home produce air quality that keeps your family staying healthy.

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