Spring Maintenance HVAC Guide

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It may not be time to crank up the AC full blast, but with mild weather on the horizon, the need for air conditioning or heating may not be needed. This makes it a perfect time for a little TLC on your HVAC system. Here at Efficient Air Heating & Cooling, our expert heating and cooling technicians will inspect and perform a 21-Point Inspection Tune-Up to make sure it’s running properly before the Arizona heat arrives. Want to check more than just your HVAC system? We put together a list of other HVAC related checkpoints.

Remove Debris & Brush Around the Unit

We know keeping up with maintenance during the wintertime can be a hassle with dropping temperatures. As part of the spring-cleaning regimen, add outdoor unit cleaning and clear away brush, plants, fallen palm fronds and anything else that can interfere with the performance of your system. If you can, gently rinse away dirt and other rubble from the condensing coils.

Replace Your Air Filters

Did you know dirty air filters can compromise the performance of your air filter and heating and cooling unit? Not only does it affect the temperature in your home, it can impact your indoor air quality as well. We recommend changing your air filters every 3-4 months depending on how much dirt the filter accumulated.

Check Your Thermostat

Make sure to switch your programmable thermostat schedule to cooler temperatures mode when you recognize the weather is changing (if your home is warmer than usual, this is a sign!). Different seasons require different settings. Make the most of your systems to maximize efficiency.

Make A Tune-Up Appointment

Proper maintenance can go a long way. Preventing costly HVAC repairs and replacements. We train our technicians to provide you with trustworthy care so you can continue to be comfortable in your home. Contact us to set-up an appointment today and check out our special offers.

Susie D.

A nice guy came out and and fixed my thermostat, which unfortunately I paid a handyman to install. Nothing was wrong with my heater, he did advise I need a coil tune up real soon.

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