Improve Indoor Air Quality

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do you feel like the place you call home is constantly stuffy or your allergies are never-ending? The airflow, as well as the indoor air quality in your home, may have something to do with the stuffiness and allergy attacks. Follow these five tips on how you can improve the air you breathe in your own home with long-term energy-saving solutions.

Filter Check

The airflow could be slowing down through the vents because the filter needs to be replaced. The filter catches unwanted particles in the air such as dust, dirt, and debris. Like the air filter in your car, when the filter gets clogged, it can produce weak airflow leading to inconsistent temperatures. The same can happen in your home as the filters become unclean overtime. Filters should be changed at least every six months to maximize indoor air quality.

Duct Work

Inspect the ductwork to check for holes or leaks. It’s important to verify the ductwork in your home is the right size. If the ductwork is the wrong size, it can hurt the airflow reaching the vents.


If your systems coils are dirty, it can affect the temperature of the airflow through the vents, especially cool air because of the dirt and debris surrounding the coils. Unclean elements in your HVAC system can also lead to other issues such as poor conservation of energy.


The culprit of fluctuating hot and cold air in your home can be your thermostat. Check the thermostat to make sure the device is running at full capacity and that the battery isn’t low. Efficient Air Heating and Cooling can help you check and install a new thermostat as well as identify other issues that may lead to poor air quality.

Give these tips a try to increase the airflow in your vents and achieve healthier indoor air quality. If you need help performing these tips or improving your indoor air quality, give Efficient Air Heating & Cooling a call. We understand the frustration of your vents not producing cool or warm air like it used to and we are always happy to help with your air quality needs and heating and cooling.

Susie D.

A nice guy came out and and fixed my thermostat, which unfortunately I paid a handyman to install. Nothing was wrong with my heater, he did advise I need a coil tune up real soon.

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