Benefits of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Air vent covered in dust

Winter is the season for runny noses, sniffles, and sneezes! As cooler weather rolls around and we decide to close our doors, seal our windows, and crank up the heat, it often feels like these symptoms stay longer than welcomed. So, what is the reason for staying indoors and still feeling under the weather? Well, you may be having “seasonal” allergies turning into year-round allergies because of poor indoor air quality. The good news is indoor air quality is something Efficient Air Heating & Cooling can improve!

Pet dander, mold, dust, and even cigarette smoke can pollute the air in your home, ultimately affecting you and your family’s health. As these air pollutants infiltrate your home or business, the tiny particles latch onto virtually any material especially heaters, air conditioners, and ductwork. Since these systems are used to circulate hot and cold air around your home or business it makes sense how they can collect so many unwanted pollutants. Maintaining these systems with a professional eye can greatly impact and better your health.

What Are the Benefits of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

  1. Eliminates air pollutants: Systems such as air conditioners and heaters which go a long time without being maintenance can collect and distribute mold, debris, and dust around your home. Over time, as new pollutants build up, they can form new more harmful mold growth.
  2. Reduces allergies, asthma, and health ailments: The more contaminated the air we breathe is, the more of an impact it will have on our health. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or are sensitive to pollutants, cleaning your heaters and air conditioners will remove harmful bacteria from the air you breathe and reduce your symptoms greatly. 
  3. Lowers your energy bills: Have you ever tried to fix your heating or cooling system by turning it off and on over and over again only to be let down? When your systems are clogged with debris, they have to work twice as hard to circulate any air at all. The harder they work the more energy is used to run which can greatly increase energy bills.

If you or someone you know in the greater Phoenix area is looking to improve indoor air quality, get in touch with the technicians at Efficient Air Heating & Cooling today! We offer UV light installation and maintenance, air scrubber services, electronic cleaner installations, and heating & cooling maintenance to get your indoor air quality up to EPA standards.

Susie D.

A nice guy came out and and fixed my thermostat, which unfortunately I paid a handyman to install. Nothing was wrong with my heater, he did advise I need a coil tune up real soon.

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